We believe that anyone can reach the American dream. At any stage in life, you can own property and build your wealth. We are devoted to ensuring that anyone who wants to purchase a home, can. We will work with you on your credit, help set future goals, and work with you on executing the plan that you’ve always dreamed of.



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More than just your standard real estate service


Building relationships is a fundamental value for us. We are all about helping you see the story behind why one would buy or sell a home. The most important thing for us, is for you to always feel that you have a real estate agent that looks after your best interest, helps save you money, and understands how important of an investment real estate is.



Design your dream

coffee roasting @ home

If creating the ideal goal is to create a coffee shop or a brewery for your family and friends to enjoy. We have you covered, any desires are achievable with our personalized and tailored services.


IS a pool you priority?

IF this is so, We can make that happen. Realty with Luis maintains connections that allow you to customize your home. At a relatively inexpensive costs, we can insure that your dreams are made to reality.


Hosting every occasion.

It is within your reach to host every relevant event. We can help you have the place to entertain for every occasion. Holidays 2019, the presents will be unwrapped in your place.


Bringing contractors to you.

Realty with Luis has connections in place to allow for the customization of your home. Found the perfect location? Awesome, we can help you create a home out of an ideal property.

Are you looking in Northern Virginia?


Realty with Luis cares about their clients above all else. We prioritize your satisfaction above all else. The best compliment you can provide is a referral to another person. If there is anything that we can do to serve you better, please let us know!